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October 25, 2020 Building Vote

On Sunday, October 25, 2020 membership of Stadium Village Church met and in unity and approved the following three items.

1. SALE: _XX__Yes
Approval of the sale of the property at 501 Oak Street Southeast to the University of Minnesota for a price not less than $5.75 million, with leaseback.

Approval of the purchase of the property at 3300 University Avenue Southeast from United Properties Development LLC for a price not to exceed $4.0 million. Approval will also authorize granting of a reversionary or similar interest in the University Avenue property to the Presbytery of the Twin Cities Area to replace the reversionary interest the Presbytery currently holds in the Oak Street property.


3. NAMING: Approval of the Amendment of the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of Stadium Village Church to change the corporate name, by the end of 2021, condition on real estate closing. PLEASE CHOOSE ONE NAME:
__ Towerside Fellowship
_XX__ Towerside Church
__ Towerside Village Church
__ Towerside Community Church

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