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Our Values

Who We Are 

What type of church is River of Hope?

Our Mission

We are a multicultural church pursuing God's kingdom, hosting his presence through worship and prayer, discipling and equipping the next generation, bringing hope to the campus, the city and the nations. 

Our Vision

We will be a church of transformation where closeness with Jesus restores our identities and destinies and builds us into a family that loves each other and the nations. 


Together Bringing Hope 

Our Values

Loving one another (John 13:35) Multigenerational: investing in and empowering young leaders, valuing seasoned believers and connecting as a family

(Titus 2:2-5). 



Teach people to encounter God and equip them to become like Jesus and fulfill their calling

(Matthew 28)


Inviting, honoring, and respecting different perspectives and voices, incorporating into staffing, services, worship, etc. Intentionally building relationships through welcoming hospitality so people feel that they belong to a family (Revelation 5:9).


In Spirit and in Truth, Worshipping the Father; Humility; Hunger

(John 4) 



Pursuing peace and becoming one with the Lord (Psalm 133) 

Mercy and Justice 

Anti-Racism, Healing, serving, using your gifts

(Luke 4:18, Micah 6:8)

Mission and Witness

Locally and Globally serving, supporting, and sending

(Matthew 28; Romans 10) 

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