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ROH Kids

Research shows that, more than any one thing, every child needs a relationship with a loving and caring adult. While parents are important, even primary spiritual leaders of children, Children’s Ministry Leaders provide light and air, allowing kids to flourish. Christ-following Adults and Teens, consider joining the exciting Children’s Ministry team which is evolving at River of Hope!

Please contact Miss Charlene for more information and to get started, developing a role within our ministry. Whether your niche turns out to be child evangelism or small-group leadership, whether it is classroom monitoring or musical instrumentation—or some combination of all of the above—the Lord will empower and multiply every talent you offer.

Come Believe, Belong and Become with us, helping children learn to worship the One True God!

We have fun and Biblical activities during service on Sundays for ages 3-12

Contact Charlene Randall at for more information.

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